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  • johnnyless1's Avatar
    05-06-2018, 07:55 AM
    johnnyless1 started a thread safe place for us in Newbies
    Finally a safe place for us! I like how this is "made" to look like a "car" forum! Brilliant that it's a ford escort forum, nobody will look here and...
    24 replies | 562 view(s)
  • zx2_newb's Avatar
    04-25-2018, 09:57 PM
    So I am driving my car and its already been driven for about 20 miles so its not cold, and I come to a stop light where I'm sitting there idling fine...
    16 replies | 526 view(s)
  • 2001scortzx2's Avatar
    05-09-2018, 04:18 PM
    2001scortzx2 started a thread Gear shifter in Zx2 General
    12 replies | 369 view(s)
  • Calvinjoyce5212's Avatar
    04-28-2018, 09:00 AM
    Gives you guys an idea of what I
    10 replies | 396 view(s)
  • Novanutcase's Avatar
    05-07-2018, 09:39 PM
    Novanutcase started a thread Asshat in Newbies
    Mods is there anything you can do about the asshat spewing his bullshit all over the site about some stupid picture or whatever? Can't you block the...
    8 replies | 345 view(s)
  • ianmcc's Avatar
    05-22-2018, 08:46 PM
    Well I am back in the ZX2 owners group. Been thinking about getting into autocross and I have been trolling Kijiji and Craigslist for an Escort when...
    8 replies | 171 view(s)
  • egtzx2's Avatar
    05-06-2018, 08:23 PM
    egtzx2 started a thread Too much rust? in Zx2 General
    In my search for a local ZX2, I found this one. The owner sent me this under body shot. I just wanted to confirm that this is a no go. I don't know...
    9 replies | 244 view(s)
  • Novanutcase's Avatar
    05-02-2018, 10:19 AM
    So after searching around a bit I still couldn't find a thread talking about clutch brands and stages and what people liked and didn't like about the...
    6 replies | 231 view(s)
  • r31crusher's Avatar
    05-02-2018, 10:40 AM
    r31crusher started a thread Wireing help in Megasquirt
    So I'm looking at buying MegaSquirt-III EMS System with MS3X Expansion V3.57 - Assembled Unit what do I have to buy with it and how hard is it to...
    7 replies | 295 view(s)
  • Excelsior's Avatar
    05-12-2018, 02:37 AM
    I got inspired and decided to build a new digital dash for my car! A little background. I built the first one in 2003, and it was really just a...
    6 replies | 272 view(s)
  • Calvinjoyce5212's Avatar
    04-28-2018, 08:47 AM
    Calvinjoyce5212 started a thread Led lights in Exterior
    I am in need of knowing how to install load resistors. Which wire for the taillights are positive. There are three that I can see. Black, red, and...
    3 replies | 369 view(s)
  • Flexcort's Avatar
    05-24-2018, 12:48 PM
    Flexcort started a thread Skipping a Beat in Problems
    My 1999 zx2 started doing something really funky a few days ago and I've been trying to diagnose it. The car idles and holds rpm perfect with no...
    4 replies | 67 view(s)
  • sunburst's Avatar
    05-03-2018, 06:40 PM
    The car is back and out of moth balls with a new owner. I picked it up in the fall last year. Car still has the Focus SVT engine, and currently...
    3 replies | 156 view(s)
  • KirkComer's Avatar
    05-08-2018, 05:35 AM
    Okay... so I just wrapped up a new timing belt/tensioner/idler install... also installed a udp at this time. Also new motorcraft plugs, wires and...
    4 replies | 127 view(s)
  • pisspoop's Avatar
    05-06-2018, 10:37 AM
    pisspoop started a thread gross members in Photo Phorum
    a member of this forum refuses to change his avatar because he thinks its ok using someone elses 14 year old daughters image cause he thinks its...
    2 replies | 181 view(s)
  • Novanutcase's Avatar
    05-10-2018, 09:02 PM
    Novanutcase started a thread GC coilovers in Problems
    Awhile back I bought a set of used GC coilovers and intended to install them immediately only to find that the shocks/struts I had on the car would...
    2 replies | 125 view(s)
  • Novanutcase's Avatar
    05-04-2018, 08:14 PM
    Novanutcase started a thread Seat Belts in Interior
    Will ZX2 seatbelts fit in my Escort wagon? John
    2 replies | 107 view(s)
  • ontheedge's Avatar
    05-10-2018, 09:54 AM
    ontheedge started a thread Svt focus maps in Tuning
    Anyone have the stock svt focus fuel and timing maps?
    1 replies | 192 view(s)
  • mustbeadumbcar's Avatar
    05-06-2018, 10:52 AM
    mustbeadumbcar started a thread hey in Tuning
    take it down dareall
    1 replies | 123 view(s)
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