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    KL V6 Project (takeover)

    Thread Starter: ChillinZX

    So we left off with WeeYums worklog, and re-wiring from ZX2Fast. Alignment still had not been done for 3-4 years, you had to hold the steering...

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    '03 Silver Bullet Not 56k friendly

    Thread Starter: The_underclassman

    Well, I had the new car fever, and an '03 was catching my eye. I quickly got in contact with the owner and drove down to inspect the car. It came...

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    Car wax

    Thread Starter: roundhouse

    What's your favorite car wax I've been using.. Meguiars G12718 NXT Generation Tech Wax 2.0 getting it for $15.00 at car swap's

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    Charlotte, NC

    Thread Starter: DGold83

    I just relocated to Charlotte (Mallard Creek area)......any members near? It'd be cool to have someone else to do some random cruising, or cars and...

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    Mike W

    Crankshaft position sensor : ground down.....

    Thread Starter: Mike W

    Ok so in the quest to get this POS started, after fiddling incessantly with the timing, I finally decided to jiggle connections. This landed me with...

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    Drilled windaged tray for oil, now new sounds and even more smoking

    Thread Starter: Mimino

    As you might have seen some of my posts, I've been having issues with occasional smoking (especially on downward sloping roads), so I've decided to...

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    1999 ford escort zx2

    Thread Starter: brdbrn

    Anybody know the size fastener on exhaust cam sprocket. .........anybody here know anything.....pretty saaaaad yeah i guess they just sell stickers...

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    2000 ZX2 Clutch pedal mystery

    Thread Starter: DanielBrooks

    We set out in my trusty old 2000 ZX2 for a Sunday adventure. We got about a mile from home when the clutch pedal stopped springing backup after use....

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    Shift Rod Bushings

    Thread Starter: beamer67

    Good Evening My '98 Zx2's shift rod is very sloppy and rattles. I bought bushings and it turned out they were for the front. I replaced those as I...

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    clutch ? transmision problem

    Thread Starter: NCali

    2003 zx2 When I am stopped with the clutch pedal pushed in and the car in 1st gear I hear a nasty bad bearing rattle but I put the trans in...

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