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    KL V6 Project (takeover)

    Thread Starter: ChillinZX

    So we left off with WeeYums worklog, and re-wiring from ZX2Fast. Alignment still had not been done for 3-4 years, you had to hold the steering...

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    Thread Starter: TheEvilZX2

    *****Just noticed photobucket links are down. Pics can be found at imgur link below***** *** https://imgur.com/gallery/9CPMs *** So some of...

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    Need to replace struts. Recommendations?

    Thread Starter: jstar

    I've had the car since 130k, and I am at 175k now. My front right strut is broken, and the left looks like it will be going soon too. I was looking...

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    weird electrical problem... no crank no start, sputtering,

    Thread Starter: G3rsonAC

    Hello guys, just so you know I'm fairly knew with this car and i spent the last 2 hours reading other posts. I couldn't find anything like what I'm...

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    Rear bumper/valance

    Thread Starter: MN_zx2

    Just acquired a bumper for free and will post pics when I get home but now that I have it I have only seen this bumper in pictures on a 4 door...

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