Season Opener is on May 16,17,18,19 2013 for this Brand New IHRA Approved 1/8th mile track built in Bondfield Ontario. I'm hearing a prize purse of $30,000 for the first event ever. I'm making the 5 hour trip from way up north to be at that event for the weekend.

For those in Ottawa it's like a 2 hour drive to this track! Those in Toronto it may be a little more of a drive. If anyone wanted to do a mini ZX2 meet plus drag racing this would be the weekend if you like bracket racing.

I'll be going down Friday on the 17 which I imagine will be test and tune day, then qualifying and racing on saturday and sunday.

Letting everyone know wellllllll ahead of time. I'll be camping on site more then likely.

Tech inspection is simple to pass:

- Make sure your battery is secure
- For automatics make sure your neutral safety switch works
- Make sure you have some tread on your tires, unless you run slicks
- Make sure your car doesn't drip all over the track
- Your trunk shouldn't have anything in it that isn't secured when racing.
- If your battery is relocated to the trunk, you need a master shut off switch that can turn the car off from outside the car.
- If you run faster then 13.99 you require a Snell 2005 or better helmet.

So for 99% of us you will pass no issues! Any questions hit me up or leave a msg here.