I ordered a NRG Innovation Hub adapter, 2.8 Quick Release and Suede steering wheel for my S2000. I figured I would review the products here as it may help members out. I will do a follow up review once I get them installed and have used them for a while.

Short Hub Adapter

This will allow the installation of an after market steering wheel and/or a quick release. The product I received seems to be made well, the machining that was done to make the hub adapter looks to be of good quality. Other people have used these and NRG makes them for a lot of makes and models. Mine came with Airbag resistors to prevent the SRS light from illuminating on the dash and to allow the other air bags in the vehicle to work as intended. It also came with grounding rings for the horn and wiring to extend the factory wiring through the adapter. Good stuff. It comes in any color as long as it is black. Not a lot that can really go wrong here. Pricing was decent and I got my adapter for less than what NRG is quoting retail price for them.

2.8 Quick Release

This will make your car a race car. You will be able to walk around with your steering wheel like Lil BowWow in FF Tokyo Drift.

I ordered black with Neochrome accent ring, almost any color combination is available. I liked the idea of added security in my car. It will be less likely to be targeted for theft unless they have a quick release and steering wheel on hand, or they want to beast mode the stub that gets left behind. The release mechanism works nicely. As well, the release can only be put back together one way as the locking mechanism is asymmetrical which is nice. The release has a lock out button to prevent accidental removal of the steering wheel, the button can be removed if you want though. When the release is mated back together the mechanism locks positively with an audible thunk/click, tough to describe but it sounds of good quality. There is no play in the mechanism. Good stuff here too. Time will tell if the materials are as good of quality as they appear to be. If good materials were used, no play should develop in the release, and based on other reviews, i'm not expecting it to either. Pricing on this was fair as well. Shopping around allowed me to again find it for less than recommended retail price from NRG.

350mm Deep Dish Wheel

This wheel is quite good imo, is it as good as a Sparco, OMP or other? I don't know, never had personal experience with either, this is the first time I have replaced a steering wheel on a car. I will reserve final judgement on the NRG wheel until I have used it for a while. My initial thought was that due to the cheaper price, compared to the aforementioned brands, I would give it a go and if it was not good enough, I could always return it.

The strength of this wheel is enough that I can place all my weight on the wheel and it will only slightly flex. This was done with the center of the wheel on the floor acting as the HA/QR. I think that the flex is not detrimental and is not any worse than some factory steering wheels on cars I have owned. Given the material (aluminum) and the thickness, the flex is not out of line with what you should expect. The material covering the wheel is Suede, it is well stretched and the thread/stitching look like they will last. I have one disappointment with the wheel and it is likely due to my expectation/understanding than anything else. I was expecting the yellow steering angle line to be made of suede, it is leather. Not the end of the world. It makes sense to be leather if it gets discolored, it will likely be able to be restored easier. Time will tell if the suede/leather material holds up. I want to be able to drive with this wheel before I pass final judgement.

This wheel is comfortable to grip and has finger cut outs or grips around the back of the wheel. Feels a little bit thicker than the stock wheel it will be replacing.

Nuts and bolts (Literally)

Any of the hardware (screws, bolts, etc) that came with these items will be replaced. I suspect that the hardware is on cheaper side and considering these items are my link to the front wheels, I will be buying upgraded hardware. NRG did supply all of the hardware required to complete the install.

One thing to note, the hub adapter, quick release and wheel did not have any documentation; no directions, no user manual, no parts list. The installation of these products is not complicated and will be a breeze for someone with a good head on their shoulders, but I feel that there should be some form installation documentation, even if it is very generic. Not having a list of parts included is inexcusable, it should be there so that you can confirm that your box came with everything it should, shit happens sometimes and it's a nice check. NRG has been making these products for 10 years now, and according to the packaging (it's special since it is the 10 year anniversary) there are over 500,000 NRG products on the road. So to not have something developed, even if it just general instructions is a let down. Hell even having instructions for cleaning and maintaining would have been nice, especially so for the steering wheel.

I did receive NRG decals in all three items and some little NRG catalogs and warranty information


I am pleased with my purchase. I am eager to install these, maybe I will find time later this week. Time will tell what the long term quality is like, but the initial quality is where it should be. My Initial grade for all these products is 7.5/10. They would have scored higher (8.5) with me if they had provided some end user information, manuals, parts lists and product care/maintenance. I will figure everything out, and I know how to care for materials like suede, so no issue there. But other people may not and the additional instruction would be nice. I also wish that the hardware that came with the items was a bit better quality.