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    Default XCAL3 questions

    I've been researching everything I possibly can, asking everyone I know for small bits of info to try and piece this all together, but I'm still missing pieces. This may be long, but here goes.
    Bought an unmarried and unlocked XCAL3 used. It was used on an 09 FoST I believe. Could be wrong. Dude just said 09 and I got it from the Ford Focus Classifieds. What are the precise steps I need to take to get this to work on my zx2? I know I need my car's strategy. Which I can read using the xcal. I know I need a base tune or something of the like to be able to modify the tune at all. Here come the questions.
    1) Does this REQUIRE the PRP software?
    2) Do I need to contact to SCT for any reason?
    3) When I (eventually) get the PRP software, I will have the ability to create my own tune. In doing that, will I need to marry the XCAL to the car?
    4) If so, how the hell does that work?
    5) Say I screw something up in my tune and the car doesn't start. How do I save my factory tune so that I can revert to a running vehicle again?
    6) Does the above mentioned issue use up unlocks? (Say, going back to factory after a failed tune)
    7) Does the XCAL need any other programming to work from the PO to my car?
    Does anyone on here still do tuning for others? (Throbas?)
    That's it for now. I'll either edit or comment with anything else that I forgot right now. Thanks in advance if anyone can help.
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