So, I finally got the fixture made the other day so I could bore a throttle body out. Decided on a 59mm bore and has a 66mm entry and a 60mm exit where it meets the manifold. That leaves a healthy 1mm (+ or -) wall thickness where the throttle plate sits. It broke out into the screw goke for the throttle cable bracket, but no big deal since once the screw goes in, it will be sealed off from outside/unmetered air. Might put a dab of epoxy in there to smooth it off later.

I still need to cut the throttle shaft slot wider and make the throttle plate. If it all goes well, may see how many people would be interested in having this done. I know the last time this was offered a few people got screwed out of parts and $$.

1 running Ford out of 5 isn't bad, right?