Hi! I'm new here with my Green 2001 Ford ZX2 from East Peoria, IL.

So far I've been loving this car! I bought it used with 93k miles on it for $1600.
Drives smooth and handles well. With minor hiccups here and there, but it's something I've already anticipated when buying this car.

Although, 4 days into driving this car, I got hit by a deer and ruined practically my driver side door and body.
Outside door handle won't open the door while the inside handle works just fine. Driver side lock doesn't work either.
Left side mirror broke. (replaced but somehow lost my power control over it)

Other issues I've noticed after driving it for a few weeks now:
P0761 code for Solenoid C starting to get bad.
Temp gauge not working but car doesn't overheat (I would've been stranded already by now after being oblivious and drove it anyway).
Cigarette lighter hole doesn't work.
Weak battery status.

Enough with my introduction, the reason I'm here is:
I have this Catinbow LED Bulbs that supposedly fit my ZX2.
I noticed there's a grey cap covering the current bulb that I assume won't work with the new LED driver that comes with the pack.
How would I proceed with the installation?

Thank you and hopefully I can learn a lot from this forum and its citizens.
I'm not a mechanical genius but I learn fairly quick and would be willing to get my hands dirty to work on this car.

ps. I've tried using the search engine and look around, but can't seem to pinpoint a single thread concerning the LED question. (I might've missed it somehow)