I have a 1998 Ford Contour that uses the 2.0 Zetec, it had a bad motor in it, so i replaced it with a ZX2 engine, had to swap the windage tray, oil pan, flexplate from the junk contour motor to the used ZX2 engine, everything went great, the problem i run into, is i put the engine in, and start it up, and it has this knock every couple seconds, sounds like something in the torque convertor area is hitting when it is spinning so i remove the engine, take the flexplate off and where the Crank Postion Sensor housing is, the flexplate is hitting it every couple turns, it isnt hitting it all the time, now on the Contour flex pate there was a washer on the outside (trans) side of flexplate, I put it on the inside (crank) side of the Flexplate, and re-installed the bolts and know when i hand turn the crank it doesnt hit. wondering if anyone here had an insight on the problem, I plan on calling ford to find out if the Crank Position Sensor housing is the same on the Contour and the Zx2.